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The Delight of Extra Interactions in eLearning: A Case Study

At Enaspot, we’re passionate about the little things that make learning engaging. You might wonder, do additional interactions in an eLearning course enhance the experience or serve as a distraction? It’s a topic that often sparks debate.

In our journey, we’ve encountered a spectrum of opinions. Some learners find these extra elements diverting, pulling their focus away from the core material. Others, much like us at Enaspot, embrace them wholeheartedly, finding that they add a layer of interest and engagement to the educational journey.

Let’s take a closer look at a particular project that showcases our approach. We crafted an eight-chapter eLearning course for National Life Mentorship’s insurance solutions. This wasn’t just any course—it was a labor of love, meticulously storyboarded, designed, and developed by our team. And yes, it was sprinkled with those very interactions that some might call ‘extra.’

But here’s the thing: we believe that these interactions, while not central to the content, play a vital role in creating a dynamic learning environment. They’re the secret ingredient that can turn a routine learning session into an adventure.

So, we invite you to explore this course and experience the Enaspot touch. Whether you’re a fan of the ‘extras’ or still on the fence, we’re confident that our passion for engaging eLearning will shine through and perhaps, even win you over.